About Us

Prior Solutions is a strategic consulting firm. We use advanced mathematical methods and state-of-the-art computational techniques to transform our clients' data into knowledge, knowledge into actionable insights and actionable insights into a competitive advantage, with sustainable impact in the long-term.

We apply machine learning and deep learning techniques to unveil the power of data for our clients' business, guiding their decision process. 

At Prior use both in-house and external data and extract information that is used to build sophisticated models that help companies understand and predict the complex behavior of the today's markets.

Though we have an extensive set of tools, covering a wide range of business activities that represent a significant portion of the industrial landscape, our motto is to provide a holistic analysis, wrapping up our models into a coherent whole that allows us to measure the inter-relations between different sectors. We believe that today this rationale is of crucial importance given the unprecedented interdependence between market sectors in the modern world.